uap - unidentified ariel phenomena or ufo

UAP - Unidentified Ariel phenomena or UFO - unidentified flying object. Funny how the things we discuss end up in the media and what floats to the surface on our social feeds (get your tinfoil hats ready).

I caught a segment on morning tv recently with channel 7’s Ross Coulthart, about a government body taking the UFO discussion more seriously. Add to that a conversation with a friend about God that went something like this … I’m not sure I believe in God - there’s no actual proof that he’s real But people believe in Bigfoot and there’s no actual proof that he’s real And there’s no actual proof that either don’t exist

THEN ……. a photo of a bible appears on my Facebook page with a sticker that says signed copy and, as if by some miracle, I’ve got this weeks #hotpotato (call it divine intervention if you like). This weeks Hot potato proudly brought to you one of my favourite fishing spots - Brassall Seafood and Takeaway