the american diner

We decided to head over to Wardell Street, Enoggera for our weekly food adventure. We had heard that you can get something that is pretty close to an American experience, at a place simply called The American Diner. We felt it was our duty to not only check it out, but to report back to you.

So you might be reading this as a result of watching a brief video that we posted earlier in the week. If not, perhaps now is a good time to go back and check it out as well as some of our other videos. But since you’re here – let’s talk about the food.

Classic Burger - Smash beef patty, American cheddar, McClure’s pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, burger sauce, fry sauce on a potato bun with added Oklahoma grilled onions

Maple Chilli Buffalo Wings

Georgia Dawg - USA Hot dog, 14 hour low n’ slow pulled pork, diced maple bacon, mozzarella, 5 cheese blend sauce, hickory BBQ sauce on a soft roll.

Cheese & Honey Corn Bread

Within the glowing lights of the Wurlitzer style duke box and music from the late 50’s and early 60’s, posters and memorabilia from the era, we immersed ourselves in the American Diner's nostalgic atmosphere. It was very easy to get carried away and order more food than one could possibly need, with so many delicious menu items. Fortunately for us, the serves were a sensible size!

To my beard wearing friends, the big, beautiful, saucy American style burger WILL take up residence all over your facial follicles. It will do so shamelessly and without remorse. And those lovely, sticky, chilli maple wings – spicy enough to be tasty and tasty enough not to be too spicy.

With the Chilli Cheese Fries, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The thinly cut chips were beautifully seasoned and covered in ground beef with a 5 cheese sauce, onion and shallots. Really tasty!

The American style hot dog (sausage) with all of the add-ons was definitely a far better hot dog than those we have previously reviewed. With the pulled pork and generous toppings, it really was a meal on its’ own.

All in all, a great venue for a fun evening for around $40 per head!

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