heisenberg haus

The beer that you’re seeing in the picture is 1L of Bentspoke Barley Griffin Pale Ale 4.2% alcohol: Soft fruity aromas, light biscuity malt giving a nice light mouth feel – and yes it was a beautiful pale ale and I was happy to have a litre of beer (who wouldn’t be).

Where else in Ipswich can you rock up to the bar and say “I’ll have a litre of beer please”?

Yes, boys and girls, we are at Heisenberg Haus in the main street of Ipswich. Whilst I was tempted to try their famous Pork Knuckle, I decided to be a good boy and eat my brussel sprouts…

Let’s look at the menu, shall we?


Pretzel with butter – baked fresh, in-house every day, salty and delicious and just $6.00

Wurst Taster Plate – certainly not the worst thing I’ve tried (see what I did there). A taste of smokey frankfurter, cheese Kransky and bratwurst served with sauerkraut and a mild German mustard. $15.00

Sauerkraut Balls – Twice crumbed balls of cream cheese, sauerkraut and potato with mild german mustard. You get 3 of these bad boys for $12.00. I have to say, I was surprised at just how tasty these were.


Wild Boar Tenderloin - with Mushroom Risotto, Brussel Sprouts tossed in bacon and mushroom and bacon gravy $32.00.

Let’s hit the brakes right here! I have hated Brussel Sprouts my whole life. Bitter little balls of yuck. I remember having them served up to me as a kid, boiled or should I say over-boiled and they made me gag. It didn’t matter what I put on them, they were and have always been unpalatable for me to say the very least. So why on earth would I select a dish that comes with Brussel Sprouts? Well, I’m a big boy now and I do consider it to be my job to try new things so that I can then report back to you, even if it means taking on my arch nemesis – the mighty Brussel sprout (said to be packed with all those things that are good for you).

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised and I would later learn, via a visit from the restaurant owner to our table, how this minor miracle was pulled off. The secret is to mildly blanch the sprouts and then fry them off with bacon pieces (once again bacon saves the day). Whilst we’re on the hero theme, the true hero was that beautiful wild boar tenderloin. It would have been nice to have a small piece of crusty bread to mop up that gravy, but an absolutely wonderful dish.

Striploin Steak – 300gm, 150 day, grainfed black angus MS2 with green beans fried with bacon and onion, served with onion rings and topped with peppercorn gravy. $38.00

What an absolutely fabulous, perfectly cooked piece of steak, of which I was begrudgingly allowed to have a taste of by my lovely wife. Beautifully char grilled, pink in the middle – what a cracker. An empty plate went back to the kitchen, which is always a good recommendation.


Skillet Cookie $12 Apple Strudel $15

More outstanding food, right here in the oldest provincial city in Queensland – Ipswich!

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