flour mill - ipswich spooks

Story presented by KHP/ Katie Harvey Paranormal

Hi all, while running a ghost tour/investigation of The Old Flour Mill in Ipswich, I captured a few interesting photos. I typically take a couple of consecutive photos to compare what's around incase we do get something interesting in 1 photo.

This particular time I took 2.

Photo 1 - you can clearly see a guest on his phone at the other end of the building. Photo 2- You can clearly see 2 oddly shaped figures standing Infront of him, he's still on his phone totally unaware. 1 figure is oddly shaped and the other appears to be in a heavy full length coat. It was a hot summer night, no one on tour looked like either of these characters. Interestingly enough, they are standing right outside of the old payroll office..

Do you know who these apparitions might be?