Is there a ghost at The Royal Bulls Head Inn at Drayton?

For a small country pub in Drayton, The Royal Bulls Head Inn (est. 1847) has had its fair share of drama and intrigue throughout its entire history. This intrigue and mystery haunts the building to this day…


Established as an Inn in 1847, by ex-convict William Horton**, The Royal Bulls Head Inn quickly became a well-known and well renowned social spot in a developing country area in the South East corner of Qld.  

The Royal Bulls Head Inn rapidly grew as a popular destination which provided ‘a style much above those of the wayside inns from Ipswich’. It also became an important meeting place, venue for events, like weddings and honeymoons and provided well needed company and entertainment for travellers. Wayside inns like the Bulls Head made significant contributions to European settlement in the South East corner of Queensland.

Restored and purchased by the National Trust in 1973 after use as a private residence and post office, the furnishings and restoration of the Inn are from it’s heyday in the late 1800’s. It is impeccably presented and the renovations have been executed in the traditional methods.


While there are many reports of happy events happening at The Royal Bulls Head Inn, there are also several reported deaths. The colonial lifestyle was harsh and European settlers battled on in conditions that you or I would not cope with. Many lost their lives while undertaking simple routine everyday tasks.


The first recorded death at the Bulls Head Inn was an indigenous workman known as “Horton’s Jimmy”. He was killed in the stables following a kick he received from his own horse. There are other deaths recorded in the inn, and even one recorded suicide. From these tragic events, reports of the Inn being haunted quickly circulated.  The first recorded ghost sighting occurred at the Royal Bull’s Head Inn, in 1909. Over the last 112 years, ghost sightings and paranormal events have plagued the Inn at Drayton.

The Royal Bulls Head Inn has attracted many tourists and visitors who want to gather their own evidence regarding the haunting of the Inn.  So, if you're interested in  exploring the 2 hour circle one Sunday, to experience this part of our colonial history, you might be one of the lucky (or not so lucky ones) to hear the old floor boards creak in the upstairs parlour as you peer anxiously into the empty room from the hallway……

We have not been able to find a photo of William Horton, so, if you know of any pictorial evidence, please share it with us.


All throughout the 2 Hour Circle there have been ghost sightings, unsolved mysteries, haunted houses and even mention of

the world's number one hide-and-seek winner - big foot. 


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