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La Parrila

So, I’ll admit I’m a little biased when it comes to this restaurant because it’s been kind of like watching them grow up, having first met them at their street van out the front of their house during the Covid period.


This time I was lured through La Parrilla’s doors by the promise of dessert.  But you can’t have dessert unless you eat all your dinner and with a fresh new menu, I was all in. Let’s see what came to the table.

I ordered number 12 on the menu, The Black Angus Burger (normally only available at lunch time) and I was immediately offered an upgrade - I saw value for money so I promptly agreed.  Placed in front of me was a magnificent looking burger comprising of 180gm grilled Angus beef patty, onion rings, cheese, pickles (Served on the inside of the bun where it BELONGS), lettuce, tomato, red onion, tomato sauce and mustard on a fresh brioche bun. The upgrade means it was accompanied by fries, 3 chicken wings, a modest salad and a drink.


So how much flavour can you put on a bun? Answer - La Parrilla Black Angus Burger. This was a good burger and I mean good!  It wasn’t ridiculously large and over stuffed with fillings like some that you see and don’t get me wrong it’s a decent size but just not over done. I sometimes wonder if we haven’t lost our way when it comes to what constitutes a good burger. In this case, for my money, I’d definitely go again- every bite had me thirsting for the next. It was juicy, full of flavour and easy to manage with regards to the mess that often comes with a burger. Combination of flavours was bang on - I gotta be honest I just really liked it.

Sharon ordered the grilled baguette and by the way she was talking I half wished I had one of those too. But too prevent the whole eyes bigger than the belly thing I opted for a small bite of hers instead (which she very begrudgingly gave up). I gotta say that’s a bloody good sandwich - Smokey pulled pork, chipotle sauce, cheese, onion and sour cream. I reckon it would easily find a home on a wholesome breakfast menu too. But that’s just my opinion.

The dessert. Two spoons waiter if you please.

Mango Panacotta with seasonal fruit. I love the addition of fruits to a dessert and just quietly I’m a bit of a strawberry fan and to get fresh strawberries and mango in a perfect Panacotta well that’s heaven on a stick or in this case a clever little tub.

Well that’s dinner. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little write up and I look forward to sharing my next food experience with you all soon.


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Roadhouse Grill

I know! I know! But I just couldn’t resist talking about this place. I was greeted by a lady at the bar who won my heart immediately! I was thirsty with a mind for trying new things, so she tempted me with a refreshing full strength ginger beer. Then, whilst I waited for the bar staff to pour that with a little ice on the side, she asked me if I’d perused the menu. I had and with that she predicted that I would order the seafood tower. I’m on the coast and my life is a non stop travelling food adventure- of course I’m going to order the main seafood dish whilst I’m on the coast - pfft please.

I also told her that I might be tempted by the chicken wings. With that she helped me get my drinks to the table and in that process I may have suggested who I was and what I was doing there.


Ok let’s confirm that table order for 106.


Southern fried chicken wing in Louisiana hot sauce blue cheese sauce and pickles - It’s no secret that the Wolfman loves his wings but hot damn ! Somebody got it right! Somebody definitely got it right.

These were quite possibly the best wings I have ever tried. Moist and tender with a sauce that was spicy enough to warm your lips , hot enough to loosen your sinuses but not so hot they blow the top of your head clean off. The balance of flavours here was spot on and that cheeky little pickle on my plate was certainly an added bonus. Blue cheese sauce is the perfect addition to these tasty, sticky little bliss bombs. I’ll say it again. Somebody got it right.



Seafood BBQ, Grilled barramundi, prawns calamari chips salad Tartare sauce. The Barra was full of flavour, cooked perfectly straight off the grill.


The Seafood Tower, Chilled Prawns , Natural oysters , Calamari , battered barramundi, Bailman Bug , chips Salad and Sauce.


I’ve had so many variations of a seafood basket I got a little excited when I saw this on the menu because I was sick of seeing a plate full of deep fried crap being thrown onto a plate with a little salad for colour and a lemon for the sake of presentation.  What I received at my table was really really good. The Barra was cooked well though I half expected it to be a little greasy. It wasn’t. I was really tasty though some say Barra can be a little underwhelming flavour wise. I got a piece of fish that was on point. The chips I have to say were a little underwhelming, but I really didn't care. There was enough on the plate to have me happily push them out of the way to get to the good stuff. The fresh seafood was tender and delicious, the calamari was again cooked perfectly, the selection of sauces had me dipping and munching my way through a really enjoyable feast.  Happy camper over here boys and girls. Hats off.



Sticky date pudding with ice cream and cream oh and Strawberries on top if you don’t mind. I love the addition of strawberries to a sweet dish because the acidity cuts through the sweetness. The pudding was plump, moist and delicious and that sauce was amazing. Again the strawberries helped that along because I’m not really a sweet tooth and I don’t do a lot of deserts. I would love to revisit this desert in the middle of winter with the addition of a fine cognac.

Really enjoyable guys and thanks again for your hospitality.

Little Beirut

Okay guys this is how you do social food.  A couple of beers and a table loaded with fresh, tasty middle eastern cuisine. Just the right atmosphere for a bit of a catch up and a chin wag.


So with my surgery looming we decided to get scooter out of the shed one last time and do a night ride via Mount Crosby Road down into Indooroopilly. It would seem however that the gods had other plans, you know, lightning, thunder, that kind of stuff.  Now I have to admit that the big hairy alpha male doesn’t generally head to Indooroopilly when it comes to a place to go for a ride but, if that’s where the food is, then that’s where we’re going.  So what’s on the menu?


Sambousek Cheese

Pumpkin Kibbeh

Platter for two

Creme Brûlée

Rice Pudding and

Turkish Delight


Food enough for 3 , extremely enjoyable and very affordable.

Keep an eye out for a few surprises as we explore what we like to call The 2 Hour Circle.

Club Hotel Motel

Yeah baby!!  This is how you do lunch!  Who doesn’t like to pop into a country pub for cold beer and a bit of pub grub?  Ok let me stop you right there! Because what I experienced was definitely a cut above and speaking of cuts, it was a juicy porter house steak for my money.


So, if you’re wanting to get the lay of the land the Club Hotel Motel is traditionally referred to as the bottom pub and what a good spot to rest your bottom too! Alright enough with the clever puns let’s get to what we pulled off the menu.



Yeah, go on call me predictable but everyone knows how I loves me’ wings and the hotter the better. Check out these bad boys! Half a kilo of chicken wings tossed in Louisiana hot sauce oh yeah and I’m gonna say it, they were finger licking good!


The mains

A Caesar salad wrap filled with cos lettuce, crispy bacon, crunchy croutons, shaved parmesan through a light caesar dressing served with a boiled egg salad topped with Turkish bread wrap served with chips.

Panko crumbed tender calamari rings fried to a perfect golden colour, chips, crunchy coleslaw, tartare sauce and fresh lemon yeah baby.

And what did I have?  Well I had the steak of course. I was served a beautiful 200 g porterhouse steak cooked medium rare with crunchy golden chips that were cooked perfectly, crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle just the way I like them. Just the right amount of salt and a little bit of pepper just takes it to the next level. The thing that really got my taste buds dancing was that crunchy coleslaw which was good because it wasn’t drowned in coleslaw dressing. The addition of Peppersauce just made the whole thing perfect, for my palate in any case.

Falvey's Hotel Yamanto

Ok!  So this place caught my attention when a simple dress code got some keyboards clacking furiously with all sorts of feedback. So what did I do? I chucked on a fresh polo and a pair thongs (leather dress thongs of course), threw the Mrs in car and away we went.  Oh, quick side note, not a bad idea to book over the phone whilst the Covid thing still hangs around.


Now I wouldn’t mind betting that you’re curious about those photos right?  Well let’s get stuck in.



Roasted garlic, herb and Parmesan Cobb

Chive pan flat bread with house relishes



Twice cooked pork belly, smoked beetroot relish, roasted root vegetables.


Sesame crusted salmon fillets, Asian vegetable omelette with soy broth.


Unfortunately the Redclaw that caught my eye on the menu was out of season but that Pork Belly and the crackling! I popped that salty delight in my mouth and I reckon the crunch registered on the Richter scale! Loved the root veges and that beetroot relish far outweighed my expectations.   I certainly don’t mind admitting that I mopped up my plate with a bit of that beautiful Cobb loaf.

I have to say though that the thing I enjoyed the most was the flat bread and when they say pan flat bread they mean hot off the pan! Watch you don’t burn your digits as your dive into what I found to be a really tasty appertiser. 


The cost ? A little over $70 plus drinks. Full tummies and big smiles all round. 

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