About Us

A quick policy note from the Boss


It is now and always has been the strict policy of The 2 Hour Circle that we do not seek to exploit the food venues that we promote. We are there to support and promote your business and as such we want to make it very clear that at no time will The 2 Hour circle or anyone affiliated with The 2 Hour Circle imply the need for a "Free lunch". Our expenses are covered by our sponsors and by Dalase & Sharon Shilling. It is our expectation that we pay our own way. We do not have the expectation that you will provide us with free entry or a free meal. This goes against our policy.


Occasionally Venues may extend courtesies to show their appreciation and we leave that to the venue owner's discretion.


If you have engaged the services of The 2 Hour Circle to promote your business as per one of our media packages then those arrangements are made prior to our visit.

Dalase Shilling

The world is changing and the way tourism works is inevitably going to change also; but there’s something that hasn’t changed. That is...


Tiny towns and the small businesses within them rely heavily on the drive through /Ride Through tourist dollar to keep them going.


A large part of my audience is the hot rod and motorcycle community, and who connects your town, your business?  We do.


My business is here to support your business by connecting you to the curious traveler.


We encourage tourists to base themselves in Ipswich and explore the 2 hour circle. That is, anywhere you can travel by road within two hours of the Ipswich area. We really do have a huge back yard.


Our work is funded by our sponsors and by gold coin contributions made by supporters of the project.


You can also buy Hoodies & T-shirts, and soon advertising packages will be available that can help connect you with new customers, who may have had no idea that you were even there.


You can find us on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram or you can go straight to the source by jumping onto our website. www.the2hourcircle.com.au


My name is Dalase Shilling, my friends call me the Wolfman, and I am the founder of a little project we like to call The 2 Hour Circle. 

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