about the 2 hour circle

So, you wake up in the morning on your day off and just want to “get out of the house”.

Where to go?  What to do? 

Not looking to plan a mammoth journey, just want to grab the keys and go?  This is what we’re here for!  The 2 Hour Circle concept was born from these simple questions.

There are so many places in our own backyards that can be explored on a day trip or the occasional overnighter.

Tiny towns and small businesses really rely on those that love to explore their local areas. Out of the way hidden gems, great food, quirky businesses, the serenity of a scenic drive through the country or the excitement of discovering something that you knew nothing about.


This is what The 2 Hour Circle aims to provide you. With a motto of “Food, History and the Occasional Mystery”, we want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow so that you can have your own adventure, out and about in your local 2 Hour Circle.

meet the team

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dalase shilling

AKA Boss Man, the big guy

Dalase loves to get out and about and explore on his 1750cc Harley Davidson Road Glide.  He’s a passionate advocate for small business and tiny towns as well as the founder of The 2 Hour Circle.  Keep your eye out for Dalase – you never know where he’ll pop up next.


sharon shilling

Cameraman and Admin

Sharon has been dragged out of her comfort zone to live a little and experience some of what is on offer in the real world, rather than the fictional ones she enjoys.  She’s throwing herself into it and learning a lot on the way.

Photo of Ash for Website.jpg


AKA the Bearded Burbler from Down There

Ash is the very first 2 Hour Circle Licensee and runs his business in Tasmania (where 2 hours covers pretty much all of the island).  A history buff and a fountain of knowledge, Ash captures the beauty and history of his local area, with the occasional fairy sighting thrown in.

Photo of Greg for website.jpg


A high school principal with a passion for music, history and small business.  Greg also rides a bike, but his trusty steed has no engine and relies solely on pedal power.  Greg is an avid supporter of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail and an absconder of pink milk.


chantel jackson

If there’s a market on, Chantel knows about it or will find out for you.  Chantel presents once a week to let everyone know what’s on and how and where you can go to support local.  With a seemingly never-ending supply of energy she’s a great addition to the team.

Photo of Rachel for website.png

rachel warwick

Off the beaten track presenter

Rachel describes herself a chronic adventurer.  A whisky drinking, travelling enthusiast who divides her time between home and country.  She goes in search of the more out of the way places, 4wd adventures and learning about just what it is that makes us Australian.

Photo of Katie for Website.jpg

katie havey

Whilst based in Toowoomba and Dalby, Katie’s gypsy blood takes her on travelling adventures everywhere!  She is a paranormal investigator, tour guide, historical buff and energy healer.  Who better to explore some of those mysteries that we discover?

Photo of Camilla for Website.png

camilla thompson

Taking a look at the healthier side of the 2 hour circle, Camilla has a background in pharmacy and a PhD in medical research.  Her passion is to improve the health of our local community and help health care providers thrive.  We can’t wait to see what she comes up with to share.  In the meantime, check out her online portal.

Photo of Miha for website.jpg

miha sam

Miha travels through Queensland visiting, investigating and documenting all things spooky and will be sharing some of those adventures with us.  Her passion is obviously, the paranormal and haunted history.

Photo of Rowan for website.jpg

rowan anderson

Freelance Journalist/Sports and Culture Commentator

Rowan is a fan of great food, good drinks and new places – hidden or otherwise.  He is based in Ipswich but spends a lot of time in the Toowoomba area and you can be sure he will share his favourite haunts with you.  You may see him courtside at hoops, trackside at horses or greyhounds, or even in a dark corner of a cocktail bar or steak house.