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about the 2 hour circle

So, you wake up in the morning on your day off and just want to “get out of the house”.

Where to go?  What to do? 

Not looking to plan a mammoth journey, just want to grab the keys and go?  This is what we’re here for!  The 2 Hour Circle concept was born from these simple questions.

There are so many places in our own backyard that can be explored on a day trip or the occasional overnighter.

Tiny towns and small businesses really rely on those that love to explore their local areas. Out of the way hidden gems, great food, quirky businesses, the serenity of a scenic drive through the country or the excitement of discovering something that you knew nothing about.


This is what The 2 Hour Circle aims to provide you. With a motto of “Food, History and the Occasional Mystery”, we want to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow so that you can have your own adventure, out and about in your local 2 Hour Circle.

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